An ‘outstanding’ secondary school in Redditch is set for a huge government funding boost.

Arrow Vale High School has been selected to take part in the national School Rebuilding Programme, which aims to give equal opportunities to students across the country by providing access to the best classrooms.

The funding for Arrow Vale High School will help to deliver a state-of-the-art learning environment whilst making the new buildings more energy efficient for winter.

Executive Principal at Arrow Vale High School, Ian Mellor, said: “Everyone in the Arrow Vale community is very excited about being chosen to be part of the Department of Education’s Schools Rebuilding Programme.

“This is fabulous news for all concerned within Arrow Vale and the result of many discussions over the last couple of years.

“We really look forward to being able to provide students and staff with the high-quality educational facilities that their daily collaborative efforts deserve.”

The Matchborough school is one of the latest 239 schools that will be rebuilt or partially refurbished as part of the programme.

By making the school more resilient for winter, it will also help to keep the school bills down and meet Net Zero commitments.

MP Rachel Maclean, who visited the school on Friday, November 17, said: “Thank you to the School Ambassadors, Tashantie Thomas and Macey Carlin-Grasby, for showing me around. It was clear to see how proud they are to be an Arrow Vale student.

“Ever since I was first elected, I have been working closely with the government to secure more investment in our schools and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

“From the total core schools budget set to reach its highest level in history next year to Arrow Vale being selected to take part in the School Rebuilding Programme, I’m delivering on the promises that I’ve made to my constituents.”