Redditch households could be saving hundreds of pounds on energy under the new £1 billion Great British Insulation Scheme.

The government initiative offers people in less energy-efficient and lower council tax band homes vital upgrades, including loft and cavity wall insulation, which could cut their annual energy bill by an average of £300 to £400.

Redditch Borough Council’s portfolio holder for climate change, Gemma Monaco, said: “The government has targeted a billion pounds at helping people insulate eligible homes under the Great British Insulation Scheme, which could be a boost to many people in Redditch.

“A quick eligibility check could lead to a better-insulated home that uses less energy and costs less to heat.”

Homes in council tax bands A to D with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or below could be eligible.

A quick eligibility check is required to confirm whether a referral can be made to the household’s energy supplier for support.

After that, the energy supplier will confirm the measures that could be available under the scheme and any financial contribution the householder might have to make for the work to be delivered.

Leader of Redditch Borough Council, Matt Dormer, said: "This scheme could help a lot of people in Redditch to reduce their energy use, their carbon and of course their heating bills too."

To check eligibility visit or ring 0800 098 7950.