A Redditch businesswoman has launched a new exercise class to empower women following her cancer diagnosis.

Sharon Neath is calling all women to join Box-Chic Boxing in a bid to inspire others and make new friends.

The beautician, who has run Boo-Chic since 2010, was encouraged to start the new venture after she was diagnosed with cancer 23 years ago.

Although she made a recovery, Ms Neath was left suffering from lymphoedema, which causes swelling on the right side of her body, leaving her feeling unwell and unfit.

This was only made worse by her partner’s death as her weight spiralled to over 15 stone to mask her unhappiness.

Ms Neath said: “I knew I was drinking and eating too much which led to a vicious circle of more unhappiness, but I just couldn’t find a way out.

“I tried some exercise classes but because of the lymphedema, I achieved limited success and my frustration continued.”

Following lockdown in July 2022, Ms Neath was invited to a friend’s barbeque where she met one of the owners of Ringside Boxing Club in Redditch, Graham, who challenged her to come to a session.

Ms Neath added: “Never in a million years did I think I would go, but as I love a challenge, I bet him £20 that I would join a session the next week.

“I remember being so nervous when I walked in the door that day as I knew that a pure boxing gym was predominately a male environment.

“But during that very first session, I felt as if my world had changed. I felt invincible and totally empowered.”

Ms Neath quickly got hooked and started attending boxing classes three times a week.

She soon noticed the difference it made to her mental health and managed to get down to a size 12/14.

Her achievements didn’t go unnoticed and in August this year, Graham and his co-owner, Jim, suggested that she train to become a coach and is now fully qualified.

Ms Neath said: “Boxing classes changed my headspace. I loved the way my stress and problems seemed to melt away whilst also improving my energy, confidence and fitness levels.

“I felt a completely different person.”

Box-Chic Boxing offers three classes a week for women only on Monday from 7pm to 8pm, Tuesday from 9.15pm to 10.15pm and Friday 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

The classes are based at Ringside Boxing and Fitness on Matchborough Way, Redditch and cost £7 per session.

There is no joining fee or pre-booking required and all equipment is provided.

For more information contact boochicbeauty@gmail.com or call 07415097225