A new study has revealed the most stressed areas in England with Redditch taking one of the top spots.

The research, carried out by CBD oil products company CBDfx, analysed data from the Office for National Statistics’ latest health index published on June 16 and picked three factors to measure across all local authorities.

The factors included the mental health of residents, anxiety levels and life satisfaction with the most stressed areas receiving the lowest scores.

A spokesperson for CBDfx said: “While it’s interesting to compare the individual scores of areas to feature in this list, it’s important to note that all of these areas score lower in these categories than the national average, which is a big issue in itself.

“It’s also not surprising that many areas score so low compared to others, with many causes of stress being brought on by things like the rising cost of living, which has affected areas of England differently.”

Redditch Advertiser:

The study found that Chesterfield is England’s most stressed area with an average score of 79.4. The Derbyshire town scored just 74.6 for its mental health and 76.7 for anxiety, but its overall rating was raised with a life satisfaction score of 87.

The Kent district of Thanet took second place with an average score of 79.7 which included an anxiety score of 69.7 and Norwich took third place with an average score of 81.8.

Redditch featured sixth on the list with a mental health score of 89.3, an anxiety score of 86.9 and a life satisfaction score of 74.2 giving the area an average score of 83.5.

Chesterfield scored the lowest overall for mental health, whilst Norwich scored the lowest for anxiety with 64.4 and Gravesham, which does not feature in the top ten, scored the lowest for life satisfaction at 59.1.