REDDITCH has been named among the worst for a night out in the UK, according to new research.

Public First, a research consultancy, has looked at the size of night time economy in around 100 major towns and cities in England and Wales and created the Night Out Index.

The index captures the number of licenced restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs per 10,000 people living in major towns and cities.

The scores range from 24.6 venues in Brighton making it the best night out of any place researched down to just 4.4 venues in Slough making it the worst night out in England and Wales.

Redditch comes in with 6.6 venues making it the ninth worst place for a night out.

According to Public First, just under half (46 per cent) of major towns and cities have seen an improvement in nightlife over the past decade while 54 per cent have seen a deterioration.

Scott Corfe, director of the data and modelling team at Public First, said: "Our Night Out Index reveals big differences in the health of the night-time economy in different parts of the country, as well as some major changes in the make-up of the night-time economy with the shift towards restaurant.”

In an effort to boost Redditch’s night-time economy, there are plans to create a community hub and plaza in the town centre which could feature several bars, restaurants and cafés.