A GRANDMOTHER has been left with ‘no way to get into Redditch town centre’ on her own after being refused access on to a Diamond Bus with her mobility scooter.

Susan Heeks aged 72 was set to travel by bus on the 58 route with her granddaughter Kayleigh on June 28 from Winyates to the town centre.

However, the pair were not allowed on the bus due to Susan’s mobility scooter.

According to Diamond Bus’s policies mobility scooters are banned on all of their vehicles.

Kayleigh said the family bought Susan the scooter after she lost her mobility following a car accident a few years ago.

“We bought her mobility scooter so she can regain her independence and freedom as she struggles to walk now,” said Kayleigh.

“But now, she has no way to get into the town centre on her own if she cannot get on a bus.

“It’s really upset her and embarrassed her.

“She has been on a Diamond bus before with her scooter and had no problem and now we are told they aren’t allowed.

“People have also told us they have seen people with mobility scooters on the buses all the time.”

Diamond Bus’s terms and conditions of carriage state: “Electric Wheelchairs are permitted onboard providing the passenger is able to access the vehicle using the self-propulsion of the unit and the unit can be safely positioned within the dedicated wheelchair area.

“Motorised Mobility Scooters are not permitted on our vehicles.”