Dear Advertiser readers, 

We would like to thank all the Redditch residents that supported and voted for our candidates in the recent Local election on Thursday 4th May 2023. Thanks to your support we were able to increase our vote share in Redditch.

We were all thrilled to witness the huge successes Liberal Democrats made across the country which confirmed that we are a real alternative to those looking for a better way.

Our main aim is to make Redditch the best place to live it can be. Winning seats on the Council makes that easier but is a means to an end. We will still be working all year round to do whatever we can to help.

As a local party, we are committed to representing the thoughts and views of the Redditch population and will continue to hold those parties represented in the council chambers to account for their actions. We will continue to work hard in Redditch, for the people of Redditch.

Redditch Liberal Democrats