TIME is now running out for Worcester Warriors to compete in any rugby competition next season as the wait for an official takeover continues. 

The proposed takeover of the rugby club by Atlas Worcester Warriors Rugby Club Limited is still yet to be confirmed, despite directors Jim O'Toole and James Sandford already having outlined their plans for the future. 

Warriors remain in administration having been liquidated in October 2022 but Atlas are in position to takeover.

One of their proposals, once the takeover is completed, is to bring the first team from local side Stourbridge Rugby to Sixways under the name of Worcester Warriors. That team would then start from whichever league Stourbridge would be playing from, which looks destined to be Midlands 1. 

The longer the delay, the smaller the chance that Warriors will return to playing next season but Chairman at Stourbridge, Miles Edge, remains confident a deal will be done, even if it is not in time for the 2023/24 campaign.

"These things are not done overnight, everyone has to be very patient. When you open a book, you make sure you read every page and that's what we will be doing - due diligence at its best," he said. 

"You have hurdles everywhere in this deal. Hurdles with liquidation and the RFU, the more people involved the longer it takes. 

"There is more than one component to this and the situation is a delicate one as well. As weeks go by different things come about so we just have to play it week by week and be very patient."

And when asked if the first team's move to Sixways could be something that is done for the season after next (2024/25), he said: "Potentially, yes."

A members vote at Stourbridge, the first-team are one defeat away from having their relegation from the National League confirmed, on the proposal to move the first team to Sixways still has no date.

Team fixtures for next season in the regional divisions are released in June and teams wanting to compete in the competitions have to have submitted a playing list before that time. 

So given the Warriors still have no players and no permission from the RFU to join a new league, it remains to be seen if they will play rugby next season after all.

Atlas were approached by the Worcester News and Jim O'Toole said: "There is no news to impart right now. As soon as we have, we will be in touch."