MOURNERS have slammed the "disrespectful" treatment of a graveyard after it was left looking "like a farm."

Muddy walkways were churned up by a tractor and trailer and a gravestone was flattened at the Abbey Cemetery in Redditch.

Residents slammed the state of the graveyard after many visited the site to pay respects to loved ones on Mother's Day.

Colette Kearney, aged 49, was distraught after seeing photos of the damage shared on social media.

Redditch Advertiser: Mud was churned up by a tractor and trailerMud was churned up by a tractor and trailer (Image: Craig Grinnell)

Her daughter Amy Kearney-Armbrust, who fought chronic illness her whole life and died in 2017 at aged 20, is buried at the cemetery.

Colette said her daughter's grave is "inches" away from the damaged headstone and she checked on Monday to see if further damage was caused.

She said: "It's disgusting. It's not how you should leave a graveyard. It looks like a farm.

"Thankfully her grave is okay, but just inches from her are thick muddy tracks and you can see how something has been driven over someone's grave.

"I am disappointed to see that still nothing has been done to try and minimise the damage".

Redditch Advertiser: A headstone was flattenedA headstone was flattened (Image: Colette Kearney)

Another resident, Craig Grinnell, said: "This situation is very disrespectful. I understand the staff have a job to do, but there should be care taken".

On Facebook, Clare Bunegar said: This is atrocious. How would anyone think this is acceptable.

Heather Jones said: "Disgusting, my mum is rested there. How disrespectful is that?"

A Redditch Borough Council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, and with regret, there has been damage to an old gravestone and we will do what we can to make contact with any remaining family.

“Some ground disturbance has occurred resulting in tyre tracks and mud. This is surface damage and it will be returned back to its original condition at the earliest opportunity.

“The council will be undertaking a review of the operational procedures, and consideration will be given to any changes as to how we operate so as to firmly reduce the risk of any similar events happening in the future.”