RACHEL Maclean has been reselected as the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Redditch County at the next general election.

The Redditch MP was unanimously adopted as the party’s candidate for the new constituency boundaries of the 'Redditch County Constituency' at a meeting of the Redditch County Conservative Association Executive Committee.

Following a review by the Independent Boundary Commission for England, they have proposed Harvington and Norton and Dodderhill join Redditch County from the Mid Worcestershire Constituency. Subject to Parliamentary approval, these changes will take effect from the next general election.

Mrs Maclean said: “I’m delighted to have been adopted by party members to be the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the Redditch County Constituency at the next general election. I'm extremely grateful to the members of the association for putting their trust in me ahead of a third election.

“I am going to work across the whole constituency, including the new wards, to ensure residents in the new areas receive the representation from their MP they are entitled to.

“It remains the honour of my life to represent this fantastic constituency, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to continue representing Redditch and the Villages for years to come.

“Working together, we’ve made progress on promises I’ve made to my constituents. More investment and services at the Alex, more police on our streets, more funding for our school and government investment to unlock Redditch’s full potential.

“However, there’s still more to do, including the fight to return a maternity and children’s service to our hospital. Having secured the return of the Garden Suite, I’ve demonstrated I’m capable of delivering on the promise I have made.”

Adam Langley, chairman of the Redditch County Conservative Association, added: “Rachel has worked very hard for the people of Redditch. I am certain that she will continue to champion our town and the surrounding area within the constituency while fighting to regain some of the hospital services we have previously lost.”