Redditch-born pop superstar Harry Styles recently partook in an Australian tradition called a 'shoey' during his live performance in Perth, Australia.

The 'shoey' is an Aussie tradition which requires a person to drink from their shoe. 

During the show, Styles asked a crowd member to perform the act live on stage, promising that he would do it too.

The fan agreed and drank water from his shoe, and Styles made good on his word later in the evening.

Styles removed his own shoe and poured water from a bottle into it, saying: "This is one of the most disgusting traditions I've ever heard of."

He then raised his shoe to his lips and proceeded to drink the water, before dumping the rest on his face.

Numerous recordings of the event have been posted to Twitter with several fans commenting in disgust. One fan tweeted, "Tradition or not, that s*** is nasty af," while another fan agreed, writing: "No this actually made me nauseous this is so vile."

A third fan tweeted: "I'm not even joking I literally threw up," and a fourth fan called it "so disgusting." Another fan asked: "WHYD HE PUT THAT SHOE BACK ON?"

Styles' 'shoey' has been met with shock and awe from fans all over the world, showing that the pop star is not afraid to take risks for his fans.