Waiting lists will go down because so many people are dying on this government’s watch not to mention the billions the government is saving from pensions no longer payable as the pensioners are no longer alive .
We have had thirteen years of under funding in the NHS. 
Nurses and paramedics work far beyond their job roles putting their own  lives at risk saving lives yet the best the government can do is tell staff to work harder and to bring in laws to sack them should they fight for better working safety conditions and better pay so they no longer need to use food banks?
They can waste money giving contracts for PPE. To their cronies which were useless in large numbers and crash the economy with their mini budget and are willing to give tax cuts to the most wealthy people in the country but cannot pay nurses and paramedics a  decent  pay rise?
Our parents fought hard for a free and fair society yet little by little this government is chipping away at our democracy by taking away our right to protest and now to strike for better pay and better working conditions.