This shocking video shows a dog chasing a group of terrified sheep around a field in Worcestershire.

The incident happened this morning (Tuesday, November 8) in a field near St Leonard’s Church in Cotheridge, near Worcester.

It was filmed by Glen Dipple, who said he was powerless to help as the sheep’s ordeal went on for about 10 minutes.

Mr Dipple, from Worcester, said: “I was walking around the churchyard in Cotheridge when I heard a commotion, a lot of sheep running riot.

"So I went over and saw they were being chased by this dog, that’s when I started filming.

“It attacked three sheep, then had the one cornered and wouldn’t stop biting it.

"This went on for about 10 minutes - it was a really upsetting thing to see.

“There is a public footpath that runs through the field, starting at the church. It has signs on it saying dogs must be kept on a lead.”

Why dogs must be kept on a lead around sheep

According to the National Sheep Association, dogs can cause serious damage to sheep by chasing them, even if they don’t catch them.

The stress of being chased by dogs - called sheep worrying - can cause sheep to die and pregnant ewes may miscarry their lambs.

Dog bites can cause infection and can even prove to be fatal to sheep.

“I heard a woman calling the dog from the other side of the field, but it’s a huge field and it took her a while to get to the dog,” said Mr Dipple.

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“Everyone knows you need to keep your dog on a lead when there’s livestock around - why don’t people do it? It was horrific to see.

“I was behind a fence in the churchyard so I couldn’t get over to help. I also had my own dog on a lead so there was nothing I could do really.”

The National Sheep Association, which is based in Malvern, says it is an offence to allow a dog to worry sheep and that in some circumstances, farmers are legally entitled to shoot dogs that are endangering their livestock.