A teacher was reduced to tears after her year one pupils surprised her with a "classroom hen do".

Primary school teacher Melissa Bunn, 31, excitedly shared her wedding plans with her class after she got engaged to partner, James, 31, in August 2020.

The pupils constantly asked their teacher if they could join the wedding party - as they were as excited as she was for the big day.

Melissa couldn’t bear to let her class down, so she said they could celebrate in lessons - and her colleagues planned a surprise day for the bride-to-be.

The children were allowed to swap their school uniforms for wedding guest attire - the boys wore three-piece suits, and the girls were in white dresses with bouquets.

Melissa wore a veil all day and a t-shirt with "Mrs Bunn" printed onto it and the group did fun activities such as wedding cake decorating and a wedding day treasure hunt.

Melissa, from Redditch, Worcestershire, said: “It was the cutest day I’ve ever had.

"When I saw what they had done for me I burst into tears.

“I spend my whole life with my class, so I wanted them to be a part of my wedding day and to explain my new name to them."

Melissa wanted to involve her students in the celebrations so picked a day to do some wedding activities with her class.

Meanwhile her colleagues secretly contacted parents to orchestrate a hen do celebration on April 1 2022.

“Seeing my students all turn up in their three-piece suits and little dresses was the sweetest thing,” said Melissa, who married James, a telecommunications engineer, in April 2022.

Redditch Advertiser: Teacher Melissa Bunn celebrated her wedding in classTeacher Melissa Bunn celebrated her wedding in class (Image: SWNS)

The year group of five year olds did fun activities such as wedding cake decorating and a wedding day treasure hunt to piece together symbols spelling out 'Mrs Bunn 2022'.

“The children even played 'guess the dress' which is normally a hen do activity you’d do with the girls," Melissa said.

“Some of the dresses were crazy - they were rainbow dresses and purple ones too.

“It was such a happy, positive, loving day.

“Two of our core school values are compassion and love so we really demonstrated those things.”

When lunch time arrived, they had a wedding reception - food accompanied by romantic music and a PowerPoint presentation showing photos of Melissa and her now husband, James.

The head teacher put a message in the newsletter about the special day the children had helped create and the year ones wrote a heartfelt card to the newlyweds.

Melissa and James' actual wedding ceremony took place during the easter holidays on April 13 2022.

Melissa added: “It was a lovely practical and creative way to teach the children as 90 percent of them had never been to a wedding before.

“It was lovely to see how much the parents loved it too.”