DIAMOND Bus is set to make internal changes to its services after an increase in reliability issues in Redditch.

As recently reported, the bus provider has been ‘interworking services and reducing stand time to combat financial pressures.

However, this has meant many bus users have experienced delays and even cancellations due to Diamond’s solution to reduce labour and operating costs.

It has been decided that the provider will return to previous operational schedules after a rise in customer complaints.

A spokesperson for Diamond Bus said: “Having identified the duty changes already made were not effective, we have been working hard to manage and reduce the issues, including putting extra resources in place to increase supervision, making peak-time adjustments, and putting additional running time in.

“However, in the face of continued reliability problems, it has been decided to return our operational schedules back to the original duties to address these issues fully.

“These changes will take effect from Sunday, July 24.

“The changes are internal duty changes and there are no changes to published timetables, however, passengers should see services return to more reliable service levels after this implementation.”

Diamond has apologised for “any inconvenience caused” and said they will continue working with the recently set up Worcestershire Public Transport Task Force to identify how the network can be improved and operated viably in the future.