HEREFORDSHIRE Council is currently reviewing the Local Plan and I urge all residents who are concerned about planning or housing developments in rural areas to read the background reports that inform the options which are being proposed by Herefordshire Council because residents in my ward have found errors in the Rural Areas Settlement Hierarchy Background Paper June 2022, e.g. the report has not included settlements that are in the Wye Valley AONB and the council is stating a rural settlement has mains drainage when it doesn’t.

I together with the three parish councils in my ward have flagged these errors with officers at the early consultation stage but these errors remain in the documents.

We are concerned because these scores decide where houses can be built.


There are a number of events being held where residents can find out more about the possible options and ask questions at these.

The outcomes of this consultation together with the results of the other local plan consultations will be used to prepare a draft local plan, policies and proposals for planning.

If you want some ownership about developments in your area – please participate in this consultation and read the background reports on


Herefordshire councillor (Kerne Bridge ward)

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