SIXTH formers at Alcester Grammar School proved they had a head for business after winning a competition hosted by The University of Birmingham.

A team of seven Year 12 business students beat off stiff competition from four other Midlands schools at the annual event, organised by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting.

Assessors asked the teams to make recommendations based on common issues and financial data faced by the public sector, including employment, environmental issues and social care, delivering a report and a presentation as well as responding quickly to the potential fallout from their decisions.

Suzanna Campbell, teacher of business and economics, said: “Throughout the day whilst they were preparing the final presentation, they were given several interruptions and scenarios to deal with i.e., a role-play scenario where the students had to address the concerns of a trade union representative.

“The students prioritised tasks, delegated roles and responsibilities and all under time pressure conditions.

“This is the first time Alcester Grammar School has entered the competition and we are delighted to have won!

“I am immensely proud of how the students conducted themselves throughout the day.”

It marks a post-pandemic return for the live event which, over 15 years, has seen some 300 teams from 100 sixth forms compete.

Rachel Thorpe, principal of Alcester Grammar School, said: “Alcester Grammar School is proud to offer a broad curriculum that goes well beyond the confines of the classroom.

“We are also committed to supporting students to become independent and resilient learners with a true understanding of real-world contexts.

“The students in Year 12 were able to draw on both excellent subject knowledge and their broader learning skills to achieve considerable collaborative success.

“All at Alcester Grammar School are very proud of what they have achieved.”