BUS services in Redditch could ‘considerably reduce’ from the end of August as the cost-of-living crisis hits the main operator in the area.

Diamond Bus has told The Advertiser their current bus network in Redditch is ‘heavily loss making’ meaning all bus routes except one are unviable.

This is due to reduced passenger demand and increased operational costs.

The operator says if the “financial viability remains the same, the North Worcestershire network will considerably reduce from the end of August.”

To combat the financial pressures Diamond has been ‘interworking services and reducing stand time’ meaning there have been some transitional operating issues.

Regular bus user and Redditch resident, Brian Behan, has decided to walk 45 minutes to his workplace to avoid bus delays and losing out on money at his hourly paid job.

A spokesperson for Diamond said they are ‘hopeful’ they can improve their position by ongoing dialogue and working together with Worcestershire County Council, local MPs and district councillors.

Full statement

Diamond Bus, like all organisations, are not immune from cost pressures and we have had high exposure to fuel and labour costs increases.  Due to these increased operational costs and reduced passenger demands, our current bus network is heavily loss-making and to give this some real perspective, this means that all Redditch bus routes except one are unviable.  

At this present moment in time, we have set out to Worcestershire County Council, local MP’s, and district councillors that the current network is unsustainable and needs major revision. Through ongoing dialogue and by working together we are hopeful that we can collectively improve this position, however, if the financial viability remains the same, the North Worcestershire network will considerably reduce from the end of August 2022.

We would like services to run longer and later to meet locals needs, however with much-reduced passenger numbers and low service revenue it is difficult to consider extending operating hours.

To combat current financial pressures, we have been reviewing how we operate our services more effectively, which has included interworking services and reducing stand time as labour is 50% of our operating cost.  In the short term, this has meant we have had some transitional operating issues which we are working hard to manage and reduce.  Although unfortunately delays have been experienced on some services, over the whole Redditch network we can assure residents that we are not suffering high levels of lost mileage and that our services are running.

If customers are experiencing problems with their service, we always request that they let us know.  The details they provide help us to focus our attention and to analyse the impact of the changes we have made. We would encourage customers to get in touch with us directly at comments@diamondbuses.com