A REDDITCH care home could be extended under new plans to “maximise quality of life”.

Stonebridge Nursing Home on Birchfield Road has submitted plans to extend its facilities “to increase the available single beds and remove double occupancy rooms”.

The family-run nursing home cares for adults at risk of harm living with dementia or mental illness, specialising in the care of people commonly refused or evicted from care in other services.

A planning statement notes: “It has developed specialist skills for providing compassionate and effective care for individuals whose experience of care has been less than might reasonably be hoped for.

“As the service continues to evolve, the building in its current layout does not provide an environment that can effectively meet all needs.”

If plans are passed a new laundry room will be constructed along with a bigger staffroom, more en-suite bedrooms and a new single-storey storey building next to the car park.

The building “will have a wide range of uses, with open space and a shower room and toilet.

It is also proposed to extend two lounges dedicated to people with ‘very complex needs’ and convert a former office into a clinical room.

The planning statement adds: “It will enable the home to provide residents with more space and better facilities, maximising quality of life and opportunities for self-determination.

“The service has recently completed the purchase of a property directly opposite the home, at 203 Birchfield Road.

“The plan is to request a change of use to business premises and move the admin staff and offices there.

“It will also provide additional parking.

“This will enable the senior nurse management team to move into the admin building at 180, freeing up internal space in the main Home, at 178.”

Stonebridge Nursing is rated as ’Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.