REDDITCH Labour has selected a new leader for their seven-strong group.

The councillors have selected Batchley and Brockhill councillor Joe Baker as their new leader pledging to hold the administration to account and to represent the views of the community.

Outgoing leader Cllr Andy Fry (Lodge Park Ward) said: “I didn’t want to stand again this year and I’m extremely delighted that Joe Baker has been selected”.

Speaking after the group’s annual meeting which saw Cllr Sharon Harvey (Central Ward) elected as deputy leader, Cllr Bill Hartnett (Church Hill) as group chair and Cllr Sid Khan (Abbey Ward) as group whip, Joe Baker said: “The results of last Thursday elections shows that Labour is building back in Redditch with over 40 per cent of the popular vote, a 10 per cent increase on last year.

“Redditch Labour has a strong team mix of seasoned councillors with the added expertise of our new members."

Cllr Baker said their campaign was susuccessfulccesful as they listened "to the views of the Redditch community".

He added: “I see the role of Redditch Labour is to ensure that everyone in our Borough reaps the benefits of Building Back Fairer, to ensure that funding is targeted where it’s needed most and to support our voluntary Groups who continue to work tirelessly to support our community.”