BROMSGROVE District Council’s decision to turn a multi-storey car park fully digital has been branded inconsiderate by residents. 

From Thursday, May 19, drivers using Churchfields car park behind Asda will need to use the online MiPemrit parking service to pay for parking.

Residents have taken to Facebook to express their concern for those who don’t have access to a mobile phone.

One Facebook user wrote: “Absolutely ridiculous! There are people who don't have a mobile phone or don't have phones which access the internet!"

Another posted: “Some people don't actually have a phone therefore online access, why not make it accessible to everyone. We all know that cash is being phased out but expecting the elderly to go online or park elsewhere is unfair.”

Whilst another user wrote: “It doesn’t make life easier if you are elderly and can’t use a smartphone. It makes life extremely more difficult for them with one less car park they’re able to use, very inconsiderate.”

Cllr Rob hunter, Bromsgrove Liberal Democrats leader said the decision was a mistake.

He said he raised the issue at a recent council meeting and asked for the cash option to be looked at but “no one backed the proposal.”

He added: “Some councils have gone completely cashless and there are lots of reasons as to why card is better than cash but I just don’t think we are there yet.

“There are still people that are not comfortable using a credit card let alone use an app.

“As a local authority, we should lead the way and say we are not a cashless society yet and retain cash options for public services.

“In the wider picture, we have done the right thing and retained cash in other car parks.”