HERE is when the Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay is confirmed to visit Redditch.

On July 23 the Queen’s Baton Relay will visit Arrow Valley Country Park and experience bike displays at the Wheels Area, and a celebration of the positivity rocks project with Lauren Mernagh on the final leg.

The schedule of activity whilst the baton is in Redditch:

  • 08:00, Redditch Premiers BMX Track, Arrow Valley Country Park
  • 08:19, Redditch Premiers BMX to Arrow Valley Country Park Centre, Redditch using vintage bikes
  • 08:26, Redditch Rocks Celebration, Arrow Valley Country Park, Redditch

Residents are being encouraged to get involved with the celebrations and embrace the arrival of the baton, taking the opportunity to experience the buzz of Birmingham 2022. 

Redditch Borough Council leader Matt Dormer said: “This international sporting event right on our doorstep will definitely create a buzz across the Borough and I am delighted that Lauren, who brought such positivity to the town during lockdown, with Redditch Rocks will play a part in that!

“I hope the crowds turn out in force to cheer her and the other baton bearers on and to also take part in the activities which we have organised to make the event even more special.

“Redditch is renowned for its community spirit and we want to bring people together after we have had to spend so much time apart, to enjoy our Borough and mark this historic event.”.

Lauren Mernagh was nominated by the council to be a baton bearer for inspiring local communities to get creative during the pandemic with Redditch Positivity Rocks Line.


In April 2020 the 17-year-old decided she was going to do something creative to lift people’s spirits.

Having seen the great reaction to the painted rocks she had been leaving in her street, from neighbours and passersby, she wanted to do something bigger.

Redditch Advertiser: Lauren Mernagh. Lauren Mernagh.

So, with contributions from other people, she started the line of rocks which went through Arrow Valley Park and which has now been turned into an art installation.

She said: “I am so excited to be a baton bearer and that the Positivity Rocks Line has given me this opportunity.

“I knew I was nominated but can’t believe I was chosen as there were so many other amazing people up for it too.

“It’s very unexpected to be a part of this massive event but my outlook is to take on whatever comes my way!

Redditch Advertiser: Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

“My friends and family are excited for me and will be turning out to cheer me on.”

The Queen’s Baton Relay is set to travel England for a total of 29 days, before culminating at the Opening Ceremony for Birmingham 2022 on July 28.

Kicking off on Thursday, June 2, the baton will spend four days in London, coinciding with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend.

The baton will then resume the international journey and return to England on Monday, July 4 to commence a 25-day tour of the regions.

The Birmingham 2022 website will be updated with information over the coming months, with detail on the events and where to line the route.