A REDDITCH woman is set to spend a night in a cage to fundraise for a bear charity.

Animal lover, Vicky Dugmore is spending the night confined in a cage on May 14 to raise funds for Free the Bears.

Vicky aged 49 said: “The charity is encouraging its supporters around the world to spend 'A Night In A Cage' to raise funds and awareness of the plight of the many animals still suffering without their freedom.

“Bears have been existing in tiny cages in Vietnam now for 17 years with many dying before they have felt soft grass under their paws, inhaled the fresh air, relaxed their aching limbs in a nice pool or eaten good food.”

Free the Bears was founded in 1995 in Australia and campaigns to put an end to bears being regularly milked for their bile which is used in traditional medicine in Asia.

Redditch Advertiser: Vicky Dugmore. Vicky Dugmore.

Nearly 40 people around the world are set to take part in the challenge this weekend which “helps and makes it more fun”, says Vicki, an NHS administrator.

“Weather permitting it will be in my garden but if not in my spare room.

“I have done this before so know it will be cramped and uncomfortable but the team spirit of the people around the world taking part including two fellow Brits certainly helps and if spending just one night in a cage helps to give people an insight into the lives of many bears it will be worth it.

“You initially think it will be easy but when you can't stand up or stretch out, the reality hits you.

“Last year’s final figure raised by the event was £43,234, we would love to do better this year and the money is certainly needed.”

To sponsor Vicki, visit https://night-in-a-cage-2022.raisely.com/vickymarie/