A SPECIAL School in Redditch has put forward plans to extend its facilities.

The Kingfisher School is seeking permission for a two single-storey extension to create an office, breakout/mentor room and outreach space.

The project also includes replacing boundary fences and gates to the car park to make the site more secure.

Planning documents state: “The proposals seek to infill two small areas of the main building to effectively square it off, to provide an Outreach Room, Mentors/Breakout Room and Safeguarding Office, lost elsewhere on plan to create new classrooms.

"There will also be adaptions to fire escape routes as a consequence of the extensions.

“Importantly, these proposals do not compromise any existing outdoor sport or play areas.”

The Kingfisher School provides primary and secondary school education for children with special education needs who live in Redditch.

The school on Clifton Close was built in the 1970s and went under a major refurbishment and internal remodelling in 2005 then 2016 and a further extension in 2021.

The planning document adds: “As the project doe does not seek to increase pupil, or staff numbers, just to replace the existing accommodation through internal remodelling, there is no change to the existing vehicular and transport links to/from the school and has no impact on the highway.”