REDDITCH Labour have hit out at the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, comparing it to “fighting a fire with a water pistol”.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled his Spring Statement in the House of Commons yesterday amid a growing cost of living crisis, which is seeing the price of essentials rise and energy bills soar.

Measures announced by the Chancellor include cutting fuel duty by 5p for 12 months, cutting the basic rate of income tax by 2024 and increasing the personal threshold for paying National Insurance.

Prospective Church Hill Labour candidate Bill Hartnett said: “It's like fighting a fire with a water pistol - this statement gives more to those who have than those who have not."

Redditch Labour said in a statement: “We believe that this budget did not address the needs of the low paid, disabled, those without work and those on in employment benefits. If you're a pensioner without a car, Sunak's review gives you nothing.

“The increase in the NI threshold means middle income earners will still pay an extra £700 as a result of the NI 10% increase.

“Despite claims of being a tax cutting chancellor, taxation has risen to the highest for 70 years. None of what we have seen today will take away the effects of the highest inflation for 30 years and home fuel increases of over 100% in October.”

Delivering the Spring Statement, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “This statement puts billions back into the pockets of people across the UK and delivers the biggest net cut to personal taxes in over a quarter of a century.

“Cutting taxes means people have immediate help with the rising cost of living, businesses have better conditions to invest and grow tomorrow, and people keep more of what they earn for years to come.”