CHANGES to speed limits in Hanbury have been proposed following a campaign to improve road safety in the village.

The campaign, backed by Redditch MP Rachel Maclean, came after growing calls for better safety following the death of the member of the community.

The MP held a public meeting last Autumn which was attended by Worcestershire County Council, John-Paul Campion, the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia, the Chief Constable of West Mercia, Pippa Mills, and the County Councillor for Hanbury Tony Miller.

The County Council carried out a review of the current speed limits in Hanbury following the meeting.

Their proposals include a reduction of the speed limit from 40mph down to 30mph on a stretch of the B4090 between the existing western exit to just east of the Vernon Arms and to cut the speed limit from 40mph down to 30mph on the B4091 from its junction with the B4090 to just north of its junction with Pumphouse Lane.

The proposals also include reducing the speed limit to 40mph along the entire length of School Road.

Rachel said: “Following my public meeting last year, I promised residents that I would ensure the relevant authorities take swift and appropriate action and that’s exactly what is happening.

“I know residents in Hanbury are deeply concerned about road safety in the village and so I welcome the proposed changes to the speed limits.

“I will be submitting my own response to the proposed measures in support of calls for a lower speed limit past Hanbury CE First School.

“I would now urge residents to have their say on the proposals by submitting their comments to the County Council.”

Any objections or representations that residents may have on the proposals can be emailed to and must be received by Wednesday March 16.