NEIGHBOURS in Redditch have banded together to form a group to fight housing development plans at Abbey Park Golf Course.

Pre-application plans for a housing development of 216 mixed dwellings for land on and around Abbey Park Golf Club was published by David Wilson Homes late last year.

The plans are to build on parts of the current golf course and adjacent fields on Hither Green Lane and Dagnell End Road.

Now, residents in Bordesley, Hither Green Lane, Beoley and Church Hill have joined forces to create North Redditch Communities Alliance, with the aim to challenge the plans.

Mark Jacobs, chairman of NoRCA, said: "The issues arising from this development, should it be allowed to go-ahead, are far-reaching. We are confident we have a strong case that will demonstrate the proposed development should not be granted planning permission.”

The group says the development would lead to residents losing an open green space; would create demand on schools and GP practices and would be detrimental to the environment and biodiversity of the area through the loss of trees, hedges and wildlife habitats.

Residents of A441 Birmingham Road and Dagnell End Road have also voiced their concerns about the traffic, noise and air pollution a further housing development could bring.

Speaking on behalf of Bordesley Matters, Karen Kilbride, said: "The existing roads are already under intense strain with frequent traffic jams on Birmingham Road and at the signalised traffic junction by Bordesley Garage.”

The group have written to Rachel Maclean MP and plan to soon launch a petition.

The group understands that the planning application has not yet been formally submitted to Redditch Borough Council, but consultation letters outlining the proposed plans have been circulated to Abbey Park Golf Club members and Hither Green Lane residents.

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