SANTA will be visiting Alcester and Studley when he takes a sleigh tour with Alcester & Stratford District Round Table this December.

The popular event returns on December 4 in Bidford and will take place for 14 nights until December 17.

Donations can be be made in collection buckets or online as the team will not be knocking on doors to be Covid secure.

Last year's event raised £6,750 and this year's donations will be distributed to local community groups and charities in the New Year.

Jeremy Harris, chief elf, said: “This being our only fundraising event for 2021 we are determined as ever to bring Christmas cheer to all on our routes and it will be great to see so many faces lit up with joy. Santa has promised us that he will once again be on top form dancing to some great Christmas tunes.”

The routes have now been revealed by organisers at Alcester & Stratford District Round Table and any routes changes can be found on their Facebook page.

Here are details of the routes, dates and times from Alcester & Stratford District Round Table:

Saturday December 4 - Bidford (Longford Cl) - 16:30

Longford Close, Grafton Lane, Hill View Road, The Leys, Wessons Road, Jubilee Close,

Crompton Avenue, Marleigh Road, The Poplars, St. Laurence Way, Ebsdorf Close, Wadleys Close, Pippin Close, Lambourne Close, Bramley Way, Wilkes Way, Blenheim Close, Court Way, Orchard Close.

Sunday December 5 - Welford - 16:30

Quineys Ley’s, Binton Road, Willow Bank, Church Street, Headland Road, Blundells Croft,

Headland Rise, Headland Close, Barton Road, Barton Fields, Barton Meadow, Badgers Close, Samantha Close, Orchard Close, Chapel Street, Chapel Close, Millers Close, Fraser Way, High Street.

Monday December 6 - Meon Vale - 18:15

Chatham Road, Gundorf Road, Camberley Road, Ubique Avenue, Sapper Close, Madras Road, Rochester Close, Rideau Road, Bicester Road, Albert Close, Western Heights Road, Abney Road, Revelin Close, Sharry Lane, Mcbeth Road, Hillfort Road.

Tuesday December 7 - Alcester (Seggs Lane) - 18:15

Seggs Lane, Augustus Drive, Cross Road, Sherwell Drive, Roman Way, Hadrian’s Walk,

Stratford Road, Corinthian Court, Gas House Lane, Chestnut Court, Evesham Street, Newport Drive, Birch Abbey, Boteler Close, Chantry Crescent, Willow Close, Bleachfield Street, Flax Close.

Wednesday December 8 - Alcester (Birmingham Road) - 18:15

Greville Road, Abbey Close, Roebuck Park, Birmingham Road from Island back into town via Jephcott Close, Mayors Dr, Payne Dr, Eclipse Road, Allwoods Close, Ragley Mill Lane, Icknield Row, Station Road, (excl Priory Road).

Thursday December 9 - Alcester (Redrow & Seymour Road) - 18:15

Glebe Road, Boehm Drive, Kinwarton Close, Fishers Road, Wakefields Way, Kinnersley Road, Kinwarton Farm Road, Seymour Road, Wain Close, Fenwick Close, Horton Close, Rufford Close, Devonish Close, Purton Close.

Friday December 10 - Alcester (High Street) - 18:15

Henley Street, Meeting Lane, School Road, Moorfields, Moorfields Road, Rope Walk, Priory Road, High Street.

Saturday December 11 - Alcester (Conway Estate) - 16:30

Crooks Lane, Beacon Close, Chapman Way, St Nicholas Close, Hertford Road, Beauchamp

Road, Alauna Avenue, St. Faiths Road, Gunnings Road, Vallet Avenue, Castle Road, Arrow

Crescent, Avon Crescent, Smiths Way, Kingley Avenue, Meadow Road, Springfields Road, Kingfisher Way, Plover Close, Heron Close, Aspen Close, Blackthorn Way, Hawthorn Close.

Sunday December 12 - Alcester (Throckmorton) - 16:30

Winchcombe Road, St. Mary’s Road, Riddell Close, Haselor Close,Throckmorton Road, Gerard Road, Captains Hill, Ten Acres, Alne Bank Road, Fields Park Drive, Fairwater Crescent, Wharrage Road, Alcocks Road, Weatheroak Road, Riverside, Collins Way

Monday December 13 - Studley (North including St Judes) - 18:15

The Maltings, St Jude’s Avenue, Augustine Avenue, Corbizum Avenue, St Asaphs Avenue, St Martin’s Avenue, St Agnes Close, St Chad’s Road, Eldorado Close, Archer Close, Monks Drive.

Tuesday December 14 - Studley (South inc. Highfield Rd.) - 18:15

Station Road (part), Highfield Road, Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne Crescent, Hamilton Drive., Stapleton Road, Badbury close, Bromsgrove Road (part), The Grove, Littlewood Green, Lords Lane, Crooks Lane, Fosters Avenue, Allendale Avenue, Allendale Crescent, Allendale Court, Allendale Close, Toms Town Lane, The Newlands.

Wednesday December 15 - Oversley Green - 18:15

Elm Drive, Poplar Close, Beech Close, Stratford Road, Mill Lane, Primrose Lane.

Thursday December 16 - Lower Quinton - 18:15

Thackeray Close, Stileman Close, Main Road (part), Bastyan Avenue, Park Lane, Turnpike Drive, The Fordway, Poland Avenue, The Orchard, Goose Lane, The Close.

Friday December 17 - Bidford (Victoria Rd.) 18:15

Victoria Road, Steppes Piece, Burnell Close, Stepping Stones, Paddock Close, Dugdale Avenue, Drayton Close, Queensway, Scott Close, The Meadows, Old School Mead, High Street, Chapel Close, Saxonfields, The Bank.