A REDDITCH gardener inspired by the past has published a brand new novel written during lockdown.

Margot Bish is a gardener by day but also writes novels in her spare time and was inspired to travel back in time while working at Coughton Court.

The 57-year-old's new novel, 'A Moment in Time', tells the story of a gardener in Feckenham who accidentally falls back in time to Tudor England.

The 21st century gardener meets characters from the real life Throckmorton family of Coughton Court and must survive the challenges of the Tudor world to return home.

Margot said: "I could sense the history, it's there in the bricks. I got the sense I was being watched from the past. I thought what would it be like to live in that time.

"This one is my favourite as it's my first full length novel for adults."

The settings in the novel are based on old maps so readers can retrace the routes walked by the characters in the book.

The novel is available to order via the Facebook page Margot's Books and is priced at £8.50, with £2.50 being donated to Children in Need and The Trussell Trust.