ROAD closures around a Redditch roundabout have been causing chaos in the town this morning (Monday, October 11).

This week there are a several road closures around the 'Coventry Highway Roundabout' at the B4497 Junction including Moons Moat Drive, Paper Mill Drive and Battens Drive.

One frustrated Redditch mother says she's had to drive all around Redditch to get her kids to school. She said she couldn't move as she got caught up in the traffic.

"There's a lot of angry drivers in Redditch this morning", said Sarah Newman, aged 44.

"I'm driving around the most of Redditch. I live in Matchborough and I should be able to skip across the road the Church Hill.

"My five minute drive has taken me half an hour. I dread to think how many miles I have done."

She said a number of parents at Church Hill Middle School had called up to say they were running late.

Sarah added: "You can't even get kids to school, my kids have never had a late mark in their lives.

"I'm just frustrated, I've seen no signs saying this was happening this week."

The road works are due to carriageway resurfacing and are set to remain in place until next Wednesday (October 20).