A MAN from Redditch, is one race away from running 500 miles in a year to raise funds for his best friend’s disabled daughter.

Chloe Osbourne was diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy within a few weeks of being born prematurely.

People with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy have difficulty controlling movements in the arms and the legs – suffering from jerking motions.

Chloe, aged 5, is unable to walk or talk and recently endured a bi-lateral hip reconstruction surgery.

Rob Mullen, a family friend, decided to set himself the huge challenge to inspire donations for Chloe.

Rob said: “I have always enjoyed running and the physical and mental challenge from pushing myself to complete long distances which is why I decided to set myself the challenge of running 500 miles.”

Rob aged 41 said he has been friends with Chloe’s father, Jamie, since they were at school.

“He has helped me through some of the more difficult periods in my life,” said Rob.

“If I need a reminder of why I am doing this challenge, I always think about Chloe and her family. All of the money raised will be able to help Chloe and get her the much-needed support.”

Rob, who now lives in Bath, has completed 411 race miles which includes six half-marathons, three marathons and five ultra-marathons.

Rob’s final race is the Marathon des Sables which covers 156 miles across the Sahara Desert.

Currently, the money raised is paying for much needed physiotherapy sessions for Chloe following her hip reconstruction surgery.

Jamie Osborne said: “As a family we are so grateful for the support that Rob has given us and the efforts he has gone to in order to raise money for Chloe is truly amazing.

“Chloe regularly sees physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and neurologists which has been making a positive difference to Chloe’s life.

“We want Chloe to not just survive but thrive and the money raised so far has been allowing us to help her do that, which we are incredibly appreciative of.”

The family have nearly raised £25k smashing their original target of £20,000 thanks to Rob’s epic challenge.

To donate visit their GoFundMe page https://bit.ly/2YkLif4