A BOY from Redditch has received postcards from around the world after losing his beloved Peter Rabbit teddy on holiday.

Ethan Mccann was gutted when the little rabbit dressed in a tiny replica of David Beckham’s kit from the 1998 World Cup went missing.

The six-year-old was left heartbroken after it was left on a bus during a family trip to Devon and multiple attempts to locate it were unsuccessful.

Grandma Rosalyn Ainsworth then posted dozens of messages across social media in the hope of finding Peter.

Redditch Advertiser: Ethan Mccann's Peter Rabbit toy. (Pic: SWNS)Ethan Mccann's Peter Rabbit toy. (Pic: SWNS)

But she soon received a message from one lady suggesting they sent postcards to Ethan – which would appear to be from Peter himself.

The trend caught on and Ethan has now received dozens of postcards from Peter – from as far as Malta and Australia.

Ethan’s mum Sam Ainsworth said: “I think it’s amazing when people do these things

“We’ve come to our conclusions about what’s happened to Peter, but we don’t know for sure.

“Ethan was distraught. He was in tears – to be fair we all were.

“Peter went everywhere with us – every family celebration. If you look in every picture Peter is there.

Redditch Advertiser: Ethan Mccann with his Peter Rabbit toy. (Pic: SWNS)Ethan Mccann with his Peter Rabbit toy. (Pic: SWNS)

“I know it sounds sad, but it was like losing a member of the family. You have that emotional connection.”

One postcard read: "I might have got home by the time you get this.

"I'm having a ball in Paignton, Torquay and Dartmouth. I've sent you some rock to eat, and a little fluffy friend.

"I'm not home yet, I will get home one day. Love and miss you loads."

Others mentioned Peter's apparent new girlfriend named 'Flopsy.'

One read: "Flopsy and I are now in Scotland and are making lots of friends.

"There are lots and lots of rabbits up there. We are missing you, Ethan, and will be back really soon."

Redditch Advertiser: Postcards Ethan Mccann has received. (Pic: SWNS)Postcards Ethan Mccann has received. (Pic: SWNS)

Ethan had Peter since birth, after his grandma bought it for him. So, after six years of taking him everywhere, it was devastating when he lost him on a bus ride to Goodrington Sands.

“We were on a family holiday in Brixham,” Sam said.

“We got on the number 12 bus, me and Ethan were sat the top. Then we got off and were walking towards the beach when all of a sudden, I said ‘have you got peter?’

“I suddenly realised I didn’t spot it and he said, ‘no I left him on the bus.’

“Your heart just sinks, and you think ‘oh god.’ We’d literally walked a few metres, but the bus had already gone.”

That evening someone wrote on a Facebook group to say they’d found peter and that they’d handed him to the driver.


But after going back to the lost property bay in Paignton Sam was told there was no rabbit.

Sam added: “We were obviously fuming, we had to give up the chase.”

Sam and Rosalyn created a replica of Peter, who turned up on the family’s doorstep home after weeks away from home returning from his holiday with his new girlfriend Flopsy – much to Ethan’s delight to be reunited once more with his precious Peter.