COMEDY legend Jasper Carrott has announced new tour dates across the UK including Redditch’s Palace Theatre.

Stand Up & Rock is back with Carrott’s close friend and rock giant Bev Bevan - founding member of Electric Light Orchestra and The Move and former Black Sabbath drummer - and his band.

The tour is set to take over the Palace Theatre from May 18, 2022 to May 21 2022.

The last Stand Up & Rock show before lockdown was in November 2019.

Jasper Carrott said: “It’s exciting to be back out performing, but there’s also the trepidation of not having worked for that long: whilst you know the routines, it’s about all the little bits that enhance it as you go along, the little remarks that pop into your head. 

“But I do it purely for the enjoyment. Adrenalin is one hell of a drug and it’s very difficult to come off it.

“One of the joys is getting back to the basic roots of stand-up comedy, eyeball to eyeball with the audience”


Jasper Carrott has been making the nation laugh since his comedy single Funky Moped stormed the pop charts in 1975 and through prime-time TV series such as Carrott’s Lib, Carrott’s Commercial Breakdown and The Detectives with Robert Powell.

Tickets go on sale from September 10 and are available from