POLICE in Alcester had their very own 'Hot Fuzz' moment when they saved a swan from a busy road.

Alcester Safer Neighbourhood team came to the rescue with Stratford police to save the swan after it wandered close to the busy A46 on Sunday (August 21).

The incident had officers and residents taking to social media to point out the similarity to the scene in British cop comedy 'Hot Fuzz'.

Stratford Police joked 'Q the Hot Fuzz quotes' in reference to the similarity with the 2007 hit fim.

The film follows a London police officer, played by Simon Pegg, who takes a job fighting crime in a fictional rural village where his job includes investigating a missing swan.

The hapless officer and his sidekick Nick Frost track down the swan and drive it away in their patrol car.

Social media users responded with their favourite quips from the film.

Alcester Police said: "If you saw us swanning around Wixford earlier this is why."