Glastonbury Festival is the pinnacle of gigs for musicians large and small and it was no different for Britpop legends Dodgy in 1995.

From the crowd everything appears seamless, a finely-tuned, professional stage show with an adoring crowd of thousands enjoying the music and the sunshine but the band - who originally hail from Bromsgrove and Redditch - had one intriguing sub-plot on the NME Stage (now the Other Stage) in 1995.

Drummer Mathew Priest has detailed the hilarious story for a new book - View From The Stage: 50 Years of Glastonbury by the People That Played.

"We got there on the Friday and we were told that Channel 4 were coming live to Glastonbury and they wanted Staying Out For The Summer to be the song that kicked off the coverage," he says.

"We thought, ‘Okay, we’ll do it,’ but got told it had to be at a specific time and we thought, ‘What?’."

So the band went on and proceeded to thrill a crowd of thousands - all waiting to hear the anthem of the summer, unaware of why it was being held back.

"So we were holding it back, dying to play it – it was a massive song – and were told, ‘When we point at you, you’ve got to say, 'Welcome to Glastonbury, Channel 4'," Mathew added.

"We got to the end of the song before and we still had two minutes, so we launched into Don’t Stop Me Now, by Queen.

"Then, someone ran on and bang, into Staying Out For The Summer."

But Mathew remembers the set being a truly standout show in the indie band's long career.

"It was the whole thing of having the wind behind you - on a beautiful, sunny day, there were a good 50,000 thousand people there and it just feels right," he says.

"Everything works well, it’s a certain vibe, a certain mojo and it’s great.

"We were flavour of the month, so it was fantastic."

View From The Stage: 50 Years of Glastonbury by the People That Played is available now for just £6.50.