SOCIAL media users have likened the uncovering of a make-shift drugs lab near Redditch to the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

An amphetamine lab housed in farm buildings off Ullenhall Lane was raided by National Crime Agency (NCA) officers and Warwickshire Police on Tuesday (April 27).

The NCA believes the crime group were producing around one tonne of amphetamine per month - worth £2million at wholesale and up to £10million at street level - for distribution to criminals throughout the UK.

Footage was released by the NCA showing the inside of the lab, which was filled with vats and chemicals.

In the popular TV show Breaking Bad, chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, gives up his day job to become a "meth cook."

With his business partner Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, they make millions by making and selling methamphetamine, initially out of a makeshift RV lab.

Responding to the story of the Ullenhall Lane drugs bust, one Twitter user described it as "Breaking Bad in Redditch."

Another Twitter user said: "Just as I’m knee deep into Breaking Bad, this story pops up. The universe works in mysterious ways."

Another user said: "Walter White is that you?"

A number of Facebook users also shared 'gifs' from the TV show in response to the story.

Five people were arrested following the raid on Tuesday.

The investigation began after text messages were obtained by French police during the penetration of the Encrochat phone system last year.

NCA Branch Commander Peter Stevens said: "This illicit drugs lab was producing extremely large amounts of amphetamine for distribution to crime groups across the UK and into our communities, bringing with it violence, fear, and exploitation.

"The operation, which required a huge amount of planning to ensure it was conducted safely, will have had a huge impact on the organised crime groups involved, depriving them of commodity and profit."

Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin Smith, of Warwickshire Police, said: "Such an operation taking place in such a quiet, rural location will no doubt have caused some concerns for people in the area.

"Our officers will be working with people in the local community in the coming days to provide reassurance."