AN obnoxious neighbour from hell put an insulting poster in the window of a Domino's takeaway and has now been banned from entering Worcestershire.

Patrick Healy was living in Thatchers Place in Droitwich when he put the poster up in the window of the town's Domino's Pizza, the latest in a long line of bothersome behaviour including making false reports to police and even spying on neighbours using surveillance cameras.

The 59-year-old has now been made subject to a criminal behaviour order (CBO), imposed on Monday at Kidderminster Magistrates' Court, following a criminal damage conviction at the takeaway on August 2, 2019.

However, that offence was only the latest in a litany by the known pest which has caused misery to locals and consumed valuable police resources. Banned from Worcestershire altogether, it is now hoped that people can get some peace from him.

Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan said: “Mr Healy’s actions have caused considerable distress within the community.

"Criminal behaviour orders are reserved for the most persistent offenders. They are a very effective way of combating antisocial behaviour and criminality because the conditions can be tailored to specifically address the offending behaviour.

"Officers have worked extremely hard to put these preventive measures in place to protect the community from further harm.”

Healy had been identified from CCTV, pasting derogatory posters about a member of their staff on the windows of the Domino's branch.

A West Mercia police spokesman said: "Healy, who failed to attend the trial, was found guilty in his absence.

"The court heard that as well as being identified from the CCTV, digital copies of the posters used were located on Healy’s computer when his home address was searched."

Healy has now moved out of the town and is living instead in Gillam Road, Bournemouth.

Healy has to pay over £1,300 in fines, court costs and compensation.

Following this conviction, officers successfully applied for the CBO which places a number of restrictions on Healy to prevent his ongoing anti-social behaviour and criminality.

The court heard how Healy had tormented a number of local residents by persistently making false and malicious allegations about them to police and other agencies.

Evidence was also heard that Healy had targeted police officers tasked to investigate his conduct by making false allegations and malicious complaints against them.

The CBO contains 15 conditions. There is no end date on the order.

The most significant conditions prohibits Healy from: entering Worcestershire, save for travelling through on a train or vehicle; contacting the police unless in a genuine emergency; discussing, referring to, or merely mentioning named police officers when communicating with others in any way, i.e. in person, over the phone, email or otherwise; making allegations or providing information to police or other agencies including but not exclusively social services, councils or housing associations unless there is evidence or reasonable grounds to support such allegations.

Further to this, he must not report information he has already previously given to police.

If he does contact such organisations, he must provide his name and contact telephone number and co-operate fully with subsequent enquiries.

Healy is banned from calling Crimestoppers or any organisation where anonymous information can be given about others. He is also prohibited from instructing or encouraging others to do this on his behalf.

He must not contact, attempt to contact, or put himself in any situation where contact is likely to result with a number of named individuals. Contact is prohibited by any means and this includes encouraging others to make contact on his behalf. This includes in person, by phone, letter and any digital means.

Healy cannot: place posters or display any visual images or writing in public, including on digital forums open to the public such as social media pages and internet pages, about any person or make derogatory comments to others about any person or make false allegations about the actions of others.

The order prohibits him from blocking vehicles in parking spaces, obstructing the area of the parking spaces or arguing with other residents of a specified street in Droitwich.

The defendant is banned from acting in a threatening, insulting or intimidating manner to any resident or visitor to a specified street in Droitwich. This includes, but is not exclusive to, shouting, swearing, staring or making inappropriate gestures.

Healy is banned from damaging, threatening to damage or implying that damage will be caused to the property of residents and visitors of a specified street in Droitwich and from having cameras on the outside of his home and having any surveillance from his property that impinges on the properties of others or that is directed at public areas.

He may have one camera above his front door but this camera must not cover any public area and he must immediately give police access to the camera footage on request to ensure that this condition is complied with.