THE council has promised to try to help Redditch residents left fuming over the dreadful and ‘dangerous’ state of a lane next to their homes.

Watery Lane in Greenlands is living up to its name, with a series of deep, water-filled potholes down its length.

But despite their best efforts local residents, including Barry and Yvone Tew, whose side door opens on to the lane, have been unable to find out who owns it and who was responsible for its upkeep.

They had contacted the district and county council, Severn Trent Water and Western Distribution (WDP) Power, all of whom had told them – ‘it’s not us.’

WDP have a sub station at the bottom of the lane and Severn Trent access it to maintain large overflow sewerage tanks serving the town, but nether own the access..

The couple had written to the local councillor appealing for help while daughter-in-law Kelly Tew asked the Redditch Advertiser if we could help.

The couple said they were at the end of their tether while Kelly described the lane as a public safety risk and said: “I am no longer prepared to accept the situation.

“Every single party is denying all responsibility for land ownership and maintenance responsibility despite having access rights and vehicles up and down the track several times every day.

“Damage to the track is worsening with increased traffic due to the new Amazon building being built and it is unacceptable that none of these parties are prepared to spend a couple of hundred pound on repairs.

“My Mother-In-Law has Osteoporosis and is unable to gain access to their back gate due to the condition of the ground and this track is also widely used by members of the public taking daily exercise and walking to Arrow Valley Lake and the surrounding area.”

Mr Tew said many potholes were a foot deep.

“Many local residents use this route as it leads to the Arrow Valley Lake and our other beautiful surroundings so it really is only a matter of time until someone ends up with a broken limb (or worse) from falling into one of these potholes,” he said.

But now Redditch Council have said they will do their best to help

A spokesperson said: “Watery Lane is unregistered land which means it is not the responsibility of the Council, but the private landowner.

“However, we have decided to help the resident as much as we can to track the landowner down which is taking some time.”