HOUSES in Redditch are far less affordable now than they were nine years ago, according to new research.

In fact the area has seen the fifth biggest drop in affordability in the West Midlands as wages fail to keep up with rising house prices.

In Redditch, the average house buyer would need to find 8.2 times their annual salary, up from 6.7 times in 2011.

That’s the sixth largest largest increase in the West Midlands.

In cash terms, you would need to fund £189,000 between annual salary and house price, up nearly £62,000 on 2011.

The picture is worse in neighbouring Bromsgrove, which has seen its ‘affordability gap’ rise from 6.7 in 2011 to 8.7 times their salary in 2020.

It’s even worse when you look at it in cash terms, with Bromsgrove top of the list when it comes to having to find extra money.

In 2020 the average person in Bromsgrove would need to cover a £256,000 shortfall between their annual salary and the average house price. That’s up more than £86,000 on 2011.

Neighbouring Wychavon has the biggest affordability gap in the area, with people needing to find 9.4 times the average salary, up from 7.7.

In comparison, people in places like Sandwell and Dudley have to find less than 6 times average salary for a house.

In general, West Midlands houses are more affordable than most regions, with London – as you would expect - the worst with a whopping 12.4 times salary needed.

The analysis has been carried out by the Online Mortgage Advisor, using current mortgage rates, salary data and Zoopla house price information.

The research results can be seen here: