DEVELOPERS of a proposed Redditch wildlife park have now identified two new possible locations for the site after experiencing a set back.

Previously, Historic England indicated they would not grant Scheduled Ancient Monument Consent for the development of Heart of England Wildlife Park at their preferred Forge Mill site.

After rallying Redditch residents to come up with suggestions for an alternative site - developers are now looking at two new sites for their walk-through park.

Heart of England Wildlife Park director Martin Blyth said: "Since revealing Historic England’s feedback about our proposals at Forge Mill last week, we have had two seemingly viable privately held sites brought to our attention within reaching distance of Redditch and discussions with the landowners continue.

"We are committed to exploring every avenue in Redditch and despite viewing perfectly viable sites further afield, we are committed to locating our proposed wildlife park here in the Heart of England."

An artists impression of the proposed Heart of England Wildlife Park

An artist's impression of the proposed Heart of England Wildlife Park

My Blyth says that one proposed site is located to the south of Feckenham, and the other north of Redditch heading to Portway.

Heart of England Wildlife Park has also joined the Worcestershire 1000 initiative which has been created by the organisation One Worcestershire to promote the cultural, heritage and economic assets of the county.

"The Heart of England is more than just a name – it’s our home," added Mr Blyth.

"We believe that a wildlife park can play a key role in supporting the economic recovery whilst also championing the wider region’s agricultural roots and celebrating the regions unique heritage assets".

Heart of England Wildlife Park would prefer a site with some existing commercial property or outbuildings already in place to help accelerate the development.

Members of the community who are aware of any sites which may be suitable for the proposed development are encouraged to contact Heart of England Wildlife Park directly via email