PLANS to merge Stratford District Council and Warwick District Council to create a 'super district' are now one step closer.

Studley and Alcester currently come under Stratford District Council, but things look set to change as councillors approved a motion paving the way for the two chief executives to seek approval for a merger by 2024.

In a statement, Councillor Tony Jefferson, leader of Stratford District Council said: "We have made a key strategic move with the proposal to create a South Warwickshire Council together with Warwick.

"There is considerable synergy between the two Councils and, over time, the savings in costs will be substantial. We also believe that there will be significant additional benefits to residents from integration."

Both councils will be consulting with the public and the business community on their proposals for achieving their shared goals over the next few years before any submission is made to government.

Proposals will include reviewing the services provided, jointly commissioned contracts and investigating joint political leadership to create a stronger, unified voice for residents and businesses in south Warwickshire.

Councillor Andrew Day, leader of Warwick District Council said: "Working together our two councils have an opportunity to further improve our services, while strengthening our resilience and capacity to positively respond to new challenges, such as Covid recovery and the climate emergency.

"Taking the tough decisions now, will enable efficiencies to be seized and resources focused on our shared capacity to provide innovative, agile and high-quality services."