MORE than 800 new companies were formed in Redditch district during 2020, despite the impact of Covid on the economy.

But the area trails well behind most of the rest of the county when it comes to the number of businesses based there.

Last year 822 new companies opened in Redditch, taking its total of locally-based firms to 5116 at the end of the year.

In terms of growth, Malvern Hills and Bromsgrove districts were lower with 491 and 752 respectively.

Wyre Forest had a whopping increase of 3001 new firms, while Wychavon rose 969 and Worcester 907.

Only Malvern has a smaller number of businesses than Redditch, but the difference is small, just 123 fewer at 5093.

Wychavon has 223 more at 5339 but the big area for business are Wyre Forest, 8488; Worcester, 9735, and Bromsgrove, 10,593.

Overall the county ended 2020 with 1,000 more companies than the year before, but new company formations were down 30% on 2019.

The growth is mainly due to fewer business closures, almost certainly due to government support propping up ailing firms.