Experienced funeral director Martyn Jeynes has returned to work at the business that taught him everything about caring for families when he was just 17.

Martyn has re-joined Huntleys Funeral Services, Redditch, after a 35-year career in which he ran his own funeral directors and became Regional Manager of a major network.

He said: “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my first job at Huntleys and it’s just as welcoming as I remember it.”

Martyn joined Huntleys after leaving school where he worked for Martin and Neil Bough, great-grandsons of founder Peter Huntley, and developed a special bond with Martin Bough.

Martyn said: “I wanted to be in the funeral profession for as long as I can remember, which is strange because none of my family or friends had been in the industry to influence my ambition.

“Martin Bough took me under his wing and taught me everything there is to know about funerals and funeral arranging.”

Martyn set out to open his own funeral business with a friend in Worcestershire after three years with Huntleys but kept in close contact with Martin and Neil Bough. He said: “I learned such a lot from Martin Bough, it’s tremendous how much those three years with Huntleys helped our business.” The business thrived for 19 years but due to illness was sold to a third party where he continued his career as a funeral professional. Martyn was instrumental in the sale of Huntley’s into the Funeral Partners family of high-quality funeral homes in 2007.

He said: “Martin Bough had passed away by that point and Neil wanted to retire but wanted to ensure Huntleys was in good hands. So, I introduced him to Funeral Partners’ then CEO Philip Greenfield and he was won over.“ Funeral Partners allows branches to retain autonomy and keep running business as usual, which was just what Huntleys wanted.” Martyn rose through senior positions in other funeral networks but missed directly supporting families as a Funeral Director. During the COVID-19 outbreak he got in touch with his friend and current CEO of Funeral Partners, Sam Kershaw, to discuss the opportunity to go back to his roots. He said: “I was helping out at a funeral directors in London due to high demand caused by the pandemic and saw families needed support more than ever before.

 “Sam offered me the chance to come home to Redditch as a Funeral Director at Huntley’s and I was delighted to come back and serve my community.” Martyn is honoured to have come full circle and excited to focus on the quality standards Huntley’s taught him all those years ago to give professional care to bereaved families. Martyn is keen to get back involved with community activity, in particular working with Primrose Hospice and fundraising for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, the charity supporting children and young people living with cancer. Martyn said: “I met recently with Martin Bough’s widow, Julia, and she’s absolutely over the moon about my return. “She told me how immensely proud Martin was of me which inspires me to do justice to his legacy, the community I love and ensure that I am there for bereaved families when they need us the most.” For support with any funeral arrangements or bereavement advice please contact Martyn on 01527 62106.

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