It’s official! Redditch it would seem is a fantastic place to live!

That’s the verdict of Facebook users, who raced to reassure someone moving to the town that they had made a good choice.

The anonymous person wrote on Spotted: Redditch that they were moving to Redditch for the first time and had ‘absolutely no idea’ about the town, having only been there once before, to view their new house.

“So..what’s good?” they asked.

“What’s bad?

“Best take-away? Best pub? Where’s good for a (post Covid) night out? Where should we avoid? Where is good to walk the dog?

“Is there any advice you’d give to someone moving to the area?”

In a matter of hours the post had received more than 200 comments, the overwhelming majority of which were singing the praises of the town.

Redditch Advertiser:

Valerie May wrote: “I’ve lived in Redditch for the past 18. Love the trees all over Redditch. Good choice of shops. Arrow Valley Country Park with its lake and visitor centre, is fabulous. Lots of walks to Ipsley, meadow & pool, as well as the old Abbey & grounds, all three have the river Arrow running through them. Good transport links. I like it.”

Ernest Paul Heaton added: “Around Redditch we have an abundance of countryside, trails & public pathways so you can walk, run till your hearts content. Every area has its own green space. We have cycling, walking running clubs galore. Best Chinese I think is the Eastern star in Batchley. Best chippy I'd say Matchborough or Rectory Road. The town is full of great pubs, we have the theatre in town as well who put on some great shows. Welcome to Redditch mate.”

Megan Thompson said: “I moved here from Birmingham and I'm the happiest I've ever been. We live in Crabbs Cross which is lovely, quiet but lovely.”

Paul Oliver said: “Redditch is an awesome place to live, unless you’re a 13 year old kid. “Its known for its greenery and amount of trees obviously a few bad places but that’s the world we live in I moved back here 13 years ago after living in the Cotswolds and Redditch is far better.

"The kingfisher shopping centre is or could be a great place again but personally feel it’s on its knees at present so many takeaways to choose from a lot of pubs but honestly couldn’t recommend one any more although after lockdown a few places like barley mow studley or golden goose matchborough are decent cheap carvary there’s plenty of job opportunities, in all I’m sure you will be happy."

Redditch Advertiser: Sunday stroll around Arrow Valley Lake, Redditch. Picture: John HodgeSunday stroll around Arrow Valley Lake, Redditch. Picture: John Hodge

Ellen Heaton Bourke said: “I moved here and I love it, dog walks galore in beautiful countryside that is on your doorstep, every town has up parts and down parts ,but I will say the people in this Town are very helpful in my experience, I love living here.”

John Smith said: “I moved here in 2013 from Brixham in Devon and having previously lived in Southampton, Solihull, Devizes, Southampton. And really enjoy Redditch it is very green, has fantastic road networks and foot paths to get around the place very easily. The people are very friendly and welcoming. I have two dogs and there are great places to walk them in the town as well as the surrounding countryside. 

Chelsey Bell said: “If you want to really know about Redditch, look on here about the fire in Church Hill this morning and all the amazing people, regardless of what they have themselves, offering clothes, furniture and money to help people that they don't even know. Now that is what Redditch is about.

June Strong said: “Moved here from Birmingham 22 years ago. Love it here and wouldn’t dream of going back. Beautiful area & not far from anywhere. Welcome to Redditch”