A BRAVE Redditch woman has shared a heartbreaking story to highlight the importance of following Covid-19 rules after her mum died of the virus.

Becki Hipkins, aged 52, says the effects of coronavirus have been "completely devastating" for her family.

Her parents both started shielding in March before the national lockdown. In September, her dad Terry Barton, aged 75, started to develop worrying symptoms and was found to have cancer following hospital tests.

He then needed to have an emergency procedure, but after coming out of hospital, he started to display symptoms of Covid-19 and later tested positive for the illness.

The virus was then passed on to Becki's mum Cath Barton, aged 72. Becki's sister and partner also contracted the virus.

Redditch Advertiser: Terry and Cath BartonTerry and Cath Barton

In a video posted by Redditch Borough Council, Becki said: “Both mum and dad became very ill with Covid and needed to both go into hospital for help with their breathing. They both went to different hospitals.

“Over three-four weeks my dad started to improve and get better.

“Unfortunately, my mum was not able to get better and she died on the 11th of November.

“After 54 years of marriage, my dad had to say goodbye to my mum on a video call whilst she was unconscious.

“My dad is still in hospital now on oxygen. He still isn’t fully recovered four weeks later.

“The effects of Covid on my family have been completely devastating.

“The number of Covid cases in Redditch keeps on increasing. So I hope that my story will help people to understand why they need to abide by the rules and protect everybody else and themselves."

Redditch Borough Council invited residents to share their Covid-19 stories with the aim of creating a video to remind people about the impact of the virus. People can share their own stories by emailing communications@redditchbc.gov.uk.

Becki told The Advertiser: "It was really hard to do that video. People don't realise how they are going to be affected.

"I think the hardest part really is not being able to see people. It's really difficult to give emotional support to my dad. It was very distressing for him.

"We are hoping that dad should come home soon".