REDDITCH residents have shared their horror after witnessing a 'devastating' fire which gutted a house this morning (Monday, November 23).

Three people, who suffered smoke inhalation, were rushed to Alexandra Hospital following the fire in Edgeworth Close. 

Emergency services were called to the major incident just after 7am and tackled the blaze using three hose reel jets and two main jets.

Neighbours and residents, who did not wish to be named, spoke about their shock following the brutal fire.

One neighbour told The Advertiser: "It was horrifying".

"I heard somebody shouting just around seven o'clock. The next thing I heard was people running down the stairs.

"I could see the reflection of the flames in the window. It went up in minutes.

"Before the fire service came it had gone. I thought the fire was going to take this place too. It could have been so much worse."

Another said: "We heard shouting next door. It was just so quick, it was a fierce fire.

"Within five minutes it went right through the house. Everybody is safe and we are grateful for that. I thought my house was going to be next.

"The fire brigade were absolutely wonderful. I can't praise them enough. We are lucky to have them."

Another Edgeworth Close resident said: "It was horrific, I have never seen anything like it. You would never think something like this would happen in front of your house.

"It was devastating. I can't imagine what the family are going through. All of us will be having some nightmares for a few nights."

Another said: "I'm really upset for the family because it's heartbreaking. It's terrible. They have lost everything. I can't imagine what they're going through".