A NEW generation of student leaders have been appointed at Ridgeway Secondary School in Astwood Bank near Redditch.

The roles of head boy and head girl, their deputies, prefects and house captains were advertised at the beginning of September to Year 10 and 11 students, who were asked to describe what skills and qualities they could bring to the roles in their applications.

The final step in the process was a staff vote to elect the leadership team.

Isobel D’Albert was appointed head girl and Connor Lester head boy. Dominic Roadley was made deputy head boy and Storm Cox deputy head girl.

The prefect team is Harriet Lister-Hallam, Jessica Stewart-Clarke, Georgia Davies, Olivia Wilkinson, Caitlin Nesbitt, Darcie Walsh, Esme Allen, Joe Dunbavin, Antony Kinley, Iyesha Campbell and Joe Dodman.

Year 11 house captains for Owens House are Darcie Walsh, Georgia Davies and Jessica Stewart-Clarke. Year 10 House Captains are Harvey Fereday, Leo Rogers and Bethany Houghton (Rowling House), and Tommy Warrilow, Isaac Beverley and Victoria Woodfield (Attenborough House).

Headteacher Mike Bennett said: “Being made a member of the student leadership team is an honour and a privilege that we hope students will look back on with a sense of pride.

“They will be expected to be excellent role models and share the ethos of the school. Younger students will look up to them and they will have a big impact on life here at Ridgeway Secondary School. They will have extra duties and support younger and new students. It will be about the students they represent and in return they will gain useful life skills. We are very proud of each and every member of the new student leadership team.”

Heather Vines, Head of Key Stage 4 at Ridgeway Secondary School, said: “We were very pleased with the quality of the applications and believe we have a very strong team and excellent ambassadors for the school.

“It has been a year of change and uncertainty and this process has given our Year 10 and 11 students a really good opportunity to think about their strengths and skills. Being part of the leadership team will give them a valuable opportunity for personal development.”