A PLAN to build a new housing development in Redditch has now been lodged.

Applicants Fort Estates have sought planning permission to build 23 new homes on a tear drop shaped plot of land located between Moons Moat Drive & Coventry Highway.

The proposed homes will be a mixture of 15 two bedroom homes, and eight three bedroom dwellings.

These range from terraced, semi-detached and detached properties to reflect the characteristics of development to the north.

The site lies next to an existing housing estate and is located within the Church Hill Ward of Redditch.

The site has previously had planning submitted for the construction of 14 three bedroom residential homes.

Two main access points into the estate are proposed, including a new footpath link.

The proposals also seek to remove a number of existing trees from within the centre of the development. The existing hedgerow and tree planting around the boundaries is to be retained to retain the green features of the site.