Redditch United stalwart Dave Ralph has been made Honorary President of the club.

In a statement, United said Dave had a long history at Redditch United and was very well known and well liked, not just across the Redditch community, but across non-league football. Before becoming involved with the club, Dave worked in the exhibition trade and, when the workload reduced due to the increased use of computers, he found himself with many more Saturday afternoons off and so, in the early 1990s was introduced to Redditch United by then vice chairman Keith Broom. Soon after, Dave’s hands-on and helpful approach to the club saw him driving the players minibus, and then becoming the teams kit man. Dave first worked with Paul Hendrie as manager and also appeared on various committees and as a co-director. Irreplaceable at the club, Dave is often seen on site lending a hand and currently leads a group of volunteers on Wednesday mornings, clearing the bins around the ground and helping out with odd maintenance jobs.

The group did include Pete Day who has recently moved out of the area, but still Dave King and John Ryan are seen with Dave working hard.

During the lockdown, the club's gateman James has also lent a hand too. Dave’s most visible impact at the club can be seen all around the ground in the form of signs that he prints using his old sign writing equipment. Redditch United Chairman David Faulkner said: “Dave Ralph needs no introduction, if you don’t know Dave then you simply don’t know our club. I have been here for over 10 years and the work that Dave has put in during this time has been immense.

"Now lockdown has eased, he has spent more time here than ever and over the summer he has helped with new signage, decorating and even had the time to join me for a coffee (with his customary four sugars) to talk about his experiences here.

"It’s incredibly important that the club values the people that value the club so much too. I am honoured to be able to call Dave our president and I hope that this is a title that can be carried by others in the future with the same commitment to the club.” Honorary president Dave Ralph said: “Its an honour. I have seen some incredible ups and downs at the club during my time here and that is the way football goes. The club now is in a great place and I want to fully support David and the club to keep moving forward.”