BTEC students in Worcestershire are facing 'significant delays' as they wait for their results due to 'technical issues'.

Heart of Worcestershire College, which has campuses in Redditch and Bromsgrove, tweeted this morning: "For those of you waiting for your Pearson BTEC results, we are currently experiencing some significant delays to receiving results from the awarding body.

"We are working hard to get these sent to us and will be in contact as soon as we are able to with your results."

Just after 3pm, the college provided an update on the situation.

In a tweet the college said: "We are aware of a recent Tweet from Pearson stating - A few centres didn’t meet our deadline for submitting grades, rank orders or Head of Centre Declarations. Where that happened we informed centres that it could mean a delay in providing results to students. We're working around the clock to provide those results as soon as we can.

"Since sending this initial tweet Pearson have further commented now referring to some ‘technical issues’ which have caused these delays.

"When we have checked several times each week since that deadline passed if any further information was required we have been told that everything was in order and no further information was needed.

"We were expecting the results earlier this week and have been making numerous attempts to get this resolved with them. We have now received a limited number of results and will email these to students shortly, however we still await many others.

"Please know that we share your frustration and concern about this situation and know that as soon as we have received your results, we will be in contact."

Frustrated parent Jane, told The Advertiser she feels "absolutely gutted" for her son who is waiting for his media and game design results from the college.

She is also concerned that students will struggle to get places through clearing due to the delay.